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Head Office:22nd floor, West International                                                                 Tel:0086-731-88787781                                            

Centre,Yuele District, Changsha, Hunan                                                                    Fax:0086-731-84788292                                             

China. 410205                                

Factory in seamless and welded steel pipe                                                           Factory in pipe fittings and tubing & casing

Email:                                                                                   Email:          

Email:                                                                               Email:

If you have any prices, technology or after-sales problems, please contact us: 


                    Skype: info_1033725

                    Wechat: MrHoock

                    Whatapp:+0086 13874851830

Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-731-88787781
#112,Fuyuan Ave
Xinsha Industrial Zone
Changsha Hunan China

Rainbow Offshore Supplies
Tel: +65 6363 2822
Fax: +65 6363 2622
7 Neythal Road
Singapore 628574

Cosys Korea Ltd
Tel:+82 51 714 6188
Fax:+82 70 4015 8865
12-5, Dasan-ro, Saha-gu
Busan, Korea 604-827
Conexa Pte Ltd (vietnam&Taiwan) 
Cyclotech Offshore Drilling Ltd
Evergreen Marine & Offshore systems Ltd
Evergreen Offshore Scm Specialists Pte Ltd
Cyclotech engineering Pte Ltd (Vietnam)
Conexa Asia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Conexa Port Management

Seamless Steel Pipe

Welded Steel Pipe

Seamless Pipe Division

ERW/LSAW/SSAW Pipe Division




Stainless Steel Pipe

Casing & Tubing, Drill Pipe Division

Stainless Welded Pipe, Stainless SMLS Pipe Division



Hollow Section

Galvanized Pipe

Square Tube, Retangular Tube Division

Galvanized Pipe, Coated Pipe Division



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