Quality Control
To make sure that every pipe leaving our plant conforms to the high standard we guarantee to our customers, our quality control department will follow nine steps to confirm the quality of our product.
1. To detect any area of lamination on the material and dimensional flaws, a manual ultrasonic inspection will be performed on the hot rolled coils before use.
2. To determine the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the skelp, mill tests are run by our quality control inspectors before they are fed to the machine.
3. An ultrasonic examination is run on the formed and welded strip to check for any laminations around the parent metal,defects in the welded seam or heat affected areas.
4. A primary visual and dimensional inspection focusing on the weld bead and the surface condition of the base metal is carried out after cleaning.
5. To further ensure the quality of the weld, a fluoroscopic X-Ray test is carried out to look for possible weak spots. This test is captured on film and can be provided on request.
6.  A hydrostatic testing machine will subject the pipe to further analysis identification.
7. Finally, a radiographic X-Ray inspection will take place on both ends of the pipe before a final mill examination.


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