• Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pipes

    hydrostatic pressure test is conducted using a method for static characteristics of rock deformation measurement indicators.hydrostatic pressure test is a test. when the pressure vessel is made, after the newly installed container 3 prior to use or access, in order to test the strength of the contai
  • Difference between ERW and EFW

    erw is the first letter abbreviation for electric resistance welding.erw tube and submerged arc welding pipe significantly different, using a pressure-free filler metal welding, the weld is not filled with other ingredients, relying on high-frequency current skin effect and proximity effect, instant
  • Oil Casing Folding Defects Solutions

    casing in the production prone to outer folding defects, affect product quality improvement, it needs to be controlled.there are several outer folding edge oxide particles cause segregation of elements, with a folding, an oxide middle folding, the presence of an excess of al, mg, ca, s, p, mn, si ou
  • Advantages of LSAW Steel Pipe

    in the long-distance pipeline construction, pipe-line account for a large proportion, generally 35% to 40% of line pipe accounts for investment projects total investment. how to choose a reasonable price, excellent performance pipe is particularly important to a reasonable choice of pipe to save con
  • Points of Heating Welding Tube

    pipe processing step requires strict, in which the hot rolling process is very important process, in which to introduce the following precautions during the heating pipe.1, the pipe must be able to feed one of those metal properties were a good understanding before rolling, when the deforming force
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