“To achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities," is our corporate mission and a management principle of the Husteel Industry Group. We recognize this as the fundamental basis to steel pipe. Furthermore, we recognize our social contribution activities as a part of our steel products activities.

Based on the following Basic Principles, the Husteel Industry Group, as a global organization contributing broadly to society, is promoting a wide range of social contribution activities around the world.”

The Husteel Industry Group"s Basic Principles On Social Contribution Activities

We, as a global organization, will work on social issues through our business—activities and social contribution activities with the aim of building a sustainable—society by implementing the Husteel Industry Group"s Management—Principles and Activity Guidelines.

We will engage in social contribution activities aimed at developing the next generation of human resources who will drive the sustainable development of society, and contributing to local communities in areas we do business all over the world. We will also take part in various activities as a good corporate citizen.

We will perform and seek to continuously improve our activities with modesty and high aspirations and endeavor to maintain a high level of transparency while strengthening our relationships with all our stakeholders.

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