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Seamless Steel Pipe

Out Diameter

1/4 inch - 36 inch

6.35mm - 914.4mm

Wall Thickness

1.25mm - 50mm



CS Seamless Pipe, SS Seamless Pipe

Black Seamless Pipe, GI Seamless Pipe 

seamless pipepainted seamless pipe

GB standard Seamless steel pipe for structural purpose GB/T8162-2008
Seamless steel pipe for liuid service GB/TB8163-2008
Seamless steel tubes for low and medium boiler GB/3087-1999
Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boiler GB/5310-1995
Seamless carbon steel marine tubes GB/T5312-1999
High-pressure seamless steel tubes for chemical fertilizer equipments GB/6479-2000
ASTM standard Black and hot-dipped zinc-coated steel pipes welded and seamless ASTM A53
Seamless carbon steel for high temperature service ASTM A106
Seamless cold-drawn low-carbon steel heat exchanger and condenser tubes ASTM A179
Seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high pressure ASTM A192
Seamless Medium-carbon boiler and superheater tubes ASTM A210
Seamless carbon for mechanical tubing ASTM A519
API standard Seamless steel pipe for casing API Spec 5CT
Seamless steel pipe for line pipe API Spec 5L
DIN standard Seamless steel tube for elevated temperture DIN 17175
Cold drawn seamless prevision pipe DN2391
Seamless circular unalloyed steel tubes subject to special requirements DIN 1629

Structure Purposes
General structure and mechanical
Liquid Services
Petroleum, gas and other fluids conveying
Low and Medium Pressure
Steam and boiler manufacturing
Hydraulic Pillar Service
Hydraulic support
Auto Semi-shaft Casing
Auto sem-shaft casing
Line Pipe
Oil and gas conveying
Tubing and Casing
Oil and gas conveying
Drill Pipes
Well drilling
Geological Drilling Pipes
Geological drilling
Petroleum Cracking Tubes
Furnace tubes, heat exchangers

ASTM A500 Gr. 50
Ø12”x 10.31mmx12m
365 Tons

219,1 mm  X 5 mm
12060 meters

Black Steel Pipe
1/2"-12" SCH40
3502 PCS

2"-6" SCH40
1025.36 Tons
A-53 GR-B
1"-6" SCH40 / 80
20590 meters (Project)

DIN 2391
Φ3/4" SCH40 6m long
167 pcs

How to make seamless pipe

Seamless piping begins as a solid cylindrical hunk of steel called a billet. While still hot, billets are pierced through the center with a mandrel. The next step is rolling and stretching the hollow billet. The billet is precisely rolled and stretched until it meets the length, diameter and wall thickness as specified by the customer order.

Some seamless pipe types harden as they’re manufactured, so heat treatment after manufacturing is not required. Others do require heat treatment. Consult the specification of the seamless pipe type you’re considering to learn whether it will require heat treatment.

warehouses of seamless pipeAPI 5L GR.B seamless pipe


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